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An array of vivid floral colours sets this tin apart from all others. Exquisitely decorated using a rich blend of reds, pinks, purples and greens, Clematis portrays a path of flowery shoots as they climb towards the sky. If you like this why not take a look at our Iris tin as both are perfect gifts for green-fingered friends and relatives? Mini Shortbread Rounds – These sweet, dinky, mini shortbreads are the perfect bite size. This is an indulgent all-butter shortbread made from a traditional family recipe that has been handed down through generations. The shortbread is so buttery and melts in the mouth. Perfect for a guilt-free snack, children’s tea or even placed on the saucer with after-dinner coffee. All butter. No artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives. Suitable for vegetarians. Size – 245 x 75 x 75 mm

Clematis Gift Tin with Mini Shortbread Rounds

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